Boost your forecasts by adding scenarios

Prepare for multiple outcomes instead of ignoring black swan events. Our software helps you to take all scenarios into account.


Do you know your risk when making decisions?

Many decisions are made under risk. Our software will not leave you alone with averages but provide you with different scenarios of the costs and benefits. .


Consider today at what you may do tomorrow

See how minor uncertainties can have a major impact on your operations. Keep track of decisions over time and let our software help you to stay in control.

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Hydro power planning

Hydro power planning

Are you prepared for dry and wet seasons as much as for high and low market prices? QUASAR takes uncertain inflows and prices into account to provide dispatchers with the optimal value of water.

Gas Storage Valuation

Gas Storage Valuation

Move beyond rules of thumb when pricing your storage contracts. With QUASAR, finding the optimal value of storage is just as easy as finding its intrinsic value.

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

How good are capacity decisions that are based on one single 10-year forecasts? With QUASAR you can find an investment strategy that takes a whole range of scenarios into account.

Production Planning

Production Planning

How much to produce of which product when and where? Making the right operational decisions can be difficult. Use QUASAR to match supply with uncertain demand.


Asset Liability Management

Asset and liability returns are uncertain and change over time. Use QUASAR to develop dynamic investment strategies that take all uncertainties into account.

Optimal Value

Optimal Value-at-Risk

Analyze and control your exposure to risk when making decisions. QUASAR helps you make optimal decisions while keeping an eye on the value-at-risk.

  • The sheer size of our reservoir makes it necessary that our hydropower storage assets must be managed over the medium-term, when there is still significant uncertainty about future hydrologic inflows and power prices. Our asset management therefore clearly benefits from stochastic modeling, but only with QUASAR, we were able to solve the stochastic optimization problem in hourly time steps over a three-year planning horizon.

    Dr. Andreas Eichhorn, Portfolio Management at VERBUND Trading, Vienna, Austria

  • The business environment of energy utilities and energy traders is changing constantly, which makes dealing with uncertainty a daily challenge. To cope with this change, flexible and user-friendly tools are required. QUASAR’s Jupyter integration combines productivity, flexibility, and usability in one tool, which makes it a pleasure to prototype and analyze models for everyday’s work tasks.

    Dr. Elke Moser, Research and Analysis at Energieallianz, Vienna, Austria


What can I do with QUASAR?

  • Model stochastic decision problems just like linear programs
  • Use time series models to model uncertainty: AR, ARMA, VAR, ...
  • Estimate stochastic models directly from data
  • Solve stochastic programs with hundreds of stages
  • Simulate different scenarios of your decisions
  • Compute the optimal value-at-risk

What does Quasar offer me?

  • Parameter-free stochastic optimization
  • Automatic generation of scenario trees (lattices)
  • Integrated simulation output analysis via Pandas
  • Flexible deployment options: on-premise, hosted, boxed
  • Use Jupyter notebooks for rapid prototyping
  • Flexible integration with all major databases


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More Resources


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Nils Löhndorf

Founder of Quantego and scientist behind QUASAR stochastic optimizer

PhD in operations research from the University of Vienna

Assistant professor at WU Vienna


Manuel Riel

Responsible for deployment, analytics and integration

Master thesis on simulation optimization from the University of Vienna

Project lead for numerous IT projects


David Wozabal

Expert for energy markets and stochastic models

PhD in statistics and operations research

Assistant professor at TU München