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At Quantego we are always one step ahead. With QUASAR we have launched the next generation software for optimization under uncertainty to help companies make smarter decisions when outcomes are risky. QUASAR is the only general-purpose solver for large-scale multistage stochastic programming. By uniting a set of unique and cutting-edge features, QUASAR helps decision-makers to make more rational decisions and stay ahead of their competitors.

Move from forecasts to scenarios

Forecasts ignore uncertainty - scenarios do not. With QUASAR, you make smarter decisions that take all possible outcomes of the future into account.

Be ahead of your competitors

Many companies want to use scenarios, but lack the software that gets it right. QUASAR has it all to keep you ahead of the field: scenario generation, large-scale stochastic optimization, simulation analysis.

Trust in peer-reviewed expertise

Having active members of the mathematical optimization community aboard helps us and our technology to stay on top. QUASAR is based on a decade of research and the math behind it is published in top-ranked peer-reviewed, scientific journals.

Get your risk under control

Smart decision-makers do not just look at the average profit, but keep an eye on the worst case. QUASAR helps you to not only control but also to optimize your value-at-risk.

Manage the complexity of the real world

Up until now, optimization under uncertainty meant sacrificing detail. Not anymore. QUASAR easily handles decision problems with hundreds of time periods, thousands of decisions, and millions of possible scenarios.

Experience a unique ease-of-use

You want to solve a stochastic optimization problem, but do not know how? You don’t have to! QUASAR’s modeling and solver system is designed towards usability and ease-of-use, so you can focus on modeling and analysis and let QUASAR do the heavy-lifting.

How can I use QUASAR?



QUASAR’s Python package seamlessly integrates with popular packages like Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. QUASAR’s Python integration offers you the shortest path from prototype to fully operational production system. Run QUASAR remotely either on premise or hosted by Quantego using our web-based Jupyter notebooks.


QUASAR 2 Matlab

QUASAR's MATLAB interface now offers quantitative analysts the power of stochastic optimization with QUASAR from inside their favorite workbench. Simply embed our optimizer into existing code and get productive immediately.

QUASAR Java Backend

QUASAR Java Backend

Easily integrate solutions based on QUASAR into enterprise-wide applications. The Java backend offers developers a user-friendly modeling language, flexible interfaces to model customized stochastic processes, as well as full control over the stochastic optimization solver engine.



No time to develop a custom solution? You don’t have to! With QUASAR Cloud, we provide a number of ready-to use models which can be deployed as a user-friendly web application in the cloud. QUASAR Cloud provides thoroughly tested, flexible models, which can be easily configured to meet user requirements. Let our consultants help you build a custom solution from our templates.

  • The sheer size of our reservoir makes it necessary that our hydropower storage assets must be managed over the medium-term, when there is still significant uncertainty about future hydrologic inflows and power prices. Our asset management therefore clearly benefits from stochastic modeling, but only with QUASAR, we are able to solve the stochastic optimization problem in hourly time steps over a three-year planning horizon.

    Dr. Andreas Eichhorn, Portfolio Management at VERBUND Trading, Vienna, Austria

  • The business environment of energy utilities and energy traders is changing constantly, which makes dealing with uncertainty a daily challenge. To cope with this change, flexible and user-friendly tools are required. QUASAR’s Jupyter integration combines productivity, flexibility, and usability in one tool, which makes it a pleasure to prototype and analyze models for everyday’s work tasks.

    Dr. Elke Moser, Research and Analysis at Energieallianz, Vienna, Austria

Applications in Energy

Learn how energy companies already use QUASAR to make smarter decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Hydro power planning

Portfolio Optimization and Dynamic Hedging

Electricity producers and large consumers hedge against uncertainty by managing a portfolio of financial and physical derivative contracts. Optimizing this portfolio not only requires balancing the expected return with the associated risk but also to anticipate the dynamics of possible investments and prices over time. QUASAR makes it easy to find a risk-optimal investment strategy that takes the future of the portfolio into account.

Gas Storage Valuation

Stochastic Gas Storage Valuation

Energy traders frequently need to price contracts on the storage of gas or develop own trading strategies for storage assets. Existing pricing and trading methods based on the (rolling) intrinsic value are effectively deterministic solutions that underrate the value of storage. Our stochastic solutions provide the true value of storage, along with delta positions, distributions of cash flows and storage contents, as well as optimization of the (conditional) value-at-risk.

Capacity Planning

Stochastic Hydropower Planning

Hydropower operation today not only faces uncertainty about natural inflows but also uncertainty about the evolution of electricity prices, which are themselves subject to uncertainty in generation mix and fuel cost. Using QUASAR, Quantego has developed a comprehensive software that enables optimization of hourly dispatch of interconnected hydropower systems over several years under price and inflow uncertainty.

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More Resources

Natural Gas Storage Contracts

Indifference pricing for natural gas storage contracts. Working Paper

Abstract: Natural gas markets are incomplete due to physical limitations and low liquidity, but most valuation approaches for natural gas storage contracts assume a complete market. We propose an alternative approach based on indifference pricing which does not require this assumption but entails the solution of a high-dimensional stochastic-dynamic optimization problem under a risk measure... [more]

Pumped-Hydro Storage Chains

Optimizing trading decisions for hydro storage systems using approximate dual dynamic programming. Operations Research (2013)

Abstract: We propose a new approach to optimize operations of hydro storage systems with multiple connected reservoirs whose operators participate in wholesale electricity markets. Our formulation integrates short-term intraday with long-term interday decisions. The interday problem is modeled as a Markov decision process of managing storage operation over time... [more]

Quantego - The Quants behind QUASAR

At Quantego we are always one step ahead. Being a research-driven company, we are not only up-to-date with the latest trends in applied math, operations research, and machine learning. Our researchers themselves are renowned scientists in these fields, committed to invent the next generation of decision-making technology. They repeatedly publish their breakthroughs in top peer-reviewed scientific journals. We at Quantego are working aggressively to transform these breakthroughs into professional products and services that help our clients to stay ahead.

Prof. Dr. Nils Löhndorf

Prof. Dr. Nils Löhndorf

Co-founder and Head of R&D of Quantego. PhD in operations research. Professor at University of Luxembourg.

Dr. Birgit Löhndorf

Dr. Birgit Löhndorf

Co-founder and Managing Director of Quantego. 10+ years of experience as marketer, manager, and entrepreneur. PhD in marketing management and former assistant professor at WU Vienna.

Hubert Kosiacki

Hubert Kosiacki, BSc

Full stack software developer. BSc in Computer Science. 10+ years of experience in building web applications and DevOps.

Prof. Dr. David Wozabal

Prof. Dr. David Wozabal

R&D and Solution Engineering. Expert for energy market modeling and stochastic optimization. PhD in statistics and operations research. Professor at TU Munich.