Optimization-based Autotrader for Continuous Intraday Markets

NEW - High frequency optimization for flexible assets. Let flex assets benefit in an optimal way by placing orders in the intraday limit order book.

What's inside the software?


  • Real-time bid optimization for the intraday limit order book
  • Synchronized order placement and asset operation
  • High-frequency re-optimization of scheduled asset operation
  • Anticipate market impact cost of illiquid order books

  • Available in Java, Python, or as web service
  • Simulate order placement and order matching offline before going live
  • Calibrate QBID to your order book data
  • Monitor QBID in real time with our interactive dashboard

Intraday trading is an opportunity for flexible assets to continuously profit from price spreads between hourly products. However, every buy order in a given hour must be matched with a sell order at a later hour, while simultaneously maintaining the feasibility of the asset's physical dispatch.

With QBID, Quantego has developed the first autotrader for flexible assets that simultaneously optimizes order placement and physical dispatch in real time. QBIDs state-of-the-art algorithms manage re-optimization in less than one millisecond, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed.


Success Story

Extensive tests prove that our optimization algorithm finishes in less than one millisecond, allowing for rescheduling the flexible asset in real time as new orders arrive. Backtesting of a 10MW battery storage on 2021 data of the German limit order book showed that 13% more profit is possible by moving from a greedy to an optimized bidding strategy.