QUASAR® Cloud – Build, Deploy, Run
Any Model for Any User

QUASAR® Cloud is a universal platform that turns models built with QUASAR® into fully-fledged software solutions for end users. One platform for multiple models. Ready-to-use yet fully customizable. Rapidly deployed and securely hosted on AWS VPC.

You want an off-the-shelf solution that can yet be tailored to your needs?

Whether you are a trader, analyst, or responsible for asset management: You can select from a range of ready-to-use yet fully customizable solutions for energy companies or let us develop a custom solution for you.

Host your solution on QUASAR® Cloud, where you can manage model data, schedule optimization runs, and craft interactive reports to share with your organization.

You want to build your own models and deploy them to end users?

Whether you are a data scientist, engineer, or operations research expert: QUASAR® Cloud provides you with the shortest path from prototype to fully operational production system.

Skip the software development process. Use QUASAR® to build your own models in Python/Scala/Java or select or fork a model from our repository. Then, deploy them as web application to end users in QUASAR® Cloud.

Ready-to-use yet fully customizable software solutions
for the energy industry

All our models can be rapidly deployed through the QUASAR® Cloud platform as ready-to-use web applications. Each solution is easily customizable thanks to QUASAR® Cloud’s modular architecture to match your specific decision process.



QUASAR® Cloud / Hydropower Planning

Optimal medium-term planning for hydropower producers: calculate optimal water values, plan maintenance operation, and calculate delta positions for power trading.

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QUASAR® Cloud / Storage Valuation

Optimal extrinsic valuation of storage for electricity or natural gas: optimize injection and withdrawal decisions, calculate optimal delta hedges, price storage contracts, calculate cashflow-at-risk and value-at-risk.

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QUASAR® Cloud / Dynamic Hedging

Reduce market price exposure with our dynamic hedging solution for power producers. Find the right mix of yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly futures and spot that matches your company’s risk preferences.

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QUASAR® Cloud / Energy Procurement

Optimal forward buying of energy: buy the right power and gas futures contracts at the right time and in the right quantities with our optimization solution for energy buyers.

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Your Custom Solution

Are you looking for something else?

QUASAR® Cloud is highly customizable and can host any stochastic optimization model. Get in touch with our experts to develop a custom solution for you.

Why QUASAR® Cloud?

With QUASAR® Cloud, Quantego offers the shortest path from generic optimization model to fully-fledged decision support software in the industry.

QUASAR® Cloud accounts for the fact that every decision process is unique, and that requirements evolve over time. It allows to quickly deploy models as ready-to-use, yet fully flexible software solutions to end users. Models can be easily customized to match organizational needs and quickly adapted to changes in today’s fast-evolving energy markets.


Customization and Flexibility

Thanks to QUASAR® Cloud’s modular software architecture, both, models and GUI, are highly customizable to match organizational needs and constraints.


Deployment and Extensibility

QUASAR® Cloud’s lean architecture enables low-cost deployment and change requests as well as rapid prototyping of new models.


Multimodel Platform

Hosting multiple models on one platform reduces set-up cost and enhances flexibility and integration. Manage data for multiple models with one single platform as opposed to using multiple tools.


Performance and Scalability

Take advantage of the world’s most powerful stochastic programming solver deployed through AWS scalable cloud platform.


Integration and Sharing

Connect QUASAR® Cloud with your organization’s data locally or via S3. Schedule imports from remote sources or use a web-based editor to manually upload and change model data. Share model output in various ways across the organization.


Process Automation

Schedule multiple model runs and generate reports to automate repeated optimization tasks. Model runs are executed in parallel in separate containers as on-demand EC2 instances. Monitor health and status of active runs.


Security and Accessibility

Run any model anywhere backed by AWS scalable and secure cloud services. On-premise deployment as virtual private cloud. All data is backed up to an S3 bucket.


Dashboard and Reports

Share model output across your organization as interactive report or dashboard that can be fully customized to the needs of the end user. Create shareable links and/or export result data as Excel spreadsheet.